What is Bhrigu Bindu

Dr. Shanker Adawal

Bhrigu Bindu is an imaginary, but really sensitive mid-position of Rahu-Moon axis. When any earth, benefic or malefic which include Rahu & Ketu, during transit factors or conjuncts this position, some momentous favourable or unfavourable events takes spot. This Bindu (position) is arrived at by introducing the longituders of the Moon and Rahu (counted from zero degree of Aries) and then dividing the full by two. For case in point if in a natal chart, the Moon is in Taurus at 19 degree, 47′ and Rahu is in Leo at 29 degree 27′. Then the Bhrigu position will be (one-19-forty seven + four-29-27)/ two = three- nine- 44′ or nine levels 44′ in indicator Cancer. The lord of the indicator occupied by Bhrigu Bindu, often give good final results delivered it is not weak.

The Moon, Solar, Mercury & Venus, during their cycle will sort two these types of final results, just one of aspect (seventh) and the other of conjunction. The outer planets, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn will sort four these types of final results for each cycle, three for factors (4th, seventh & eighth by Mars, fifth, seventh & 9th by Jupiter and 3rd & seventh, & tenth by Saturn) and just one for conjunction in each of their typical cycle of 18 months, twelve decades & thirty decades respectively. It must often be remembered that the outcomes of transit by conjunction are much more strong than those by aspect. There is some question about Rahu & Ketu, but generally it is thought of identical to those of Jupiter in each of their cycle.

A benefic Jupiter during transit, as referred earlier mentioned, will give favourable final results these types of as progress in scientific studies, beginning of kids, acquiring employment/ marriage, marketing in services/ organization, boost in prosperity or success of long cherished wants. Quick shifting benefic planets like Venus, Mercury or Moon, will reveal little acquire of prosperity/ contentment, assembly of mates/ relations, pilgrimage, rejoicings & festivities and so forth. Some instances when two or much more benefics at the same time aspect/ conjunct this mid-position, give rising magnitude of favourable final results. Benefic planets & Bhrigu Bindu, if posited in Kendra/ Trikone to each other in natal chart, develop good & auspicious final results.

Saturn, a slow shifting earth, during transit in excess of the Bindu provides unfavourable final results these types of as chronic illness, domestic unhappiness, illness/ separation from family, sudden loss of prosperity or even dying and so forth. Mars has a peculiar liking for blood, accidents, quarrels and Solar functions a separatist or disappointed circumstances. Transit of Rahu/ Ketu results in events all of a sudden, on a big scale and from sudden quarters, mental sufferings/ problems due to condition steps, or poisonous infection and so forth. A weak earth when transiting Bhrigu Bindu, often gives undesirable final results relating to the house it owns. But lords of malefics properties, obtaining minimal energy and obtaining 6th or eighth situation in relation to the Bindu, are unsuccessful to develop undesirable final results to the house they very own.


There are lots of sensitive details in a horoscope, transits of planets in excess of which lead to/  reveal vital events/ traits in a native’s daily life. The character of these events/ traits depends on and is modified by numerous factors. In the former chapters we have noticed how character & energy of planets and their relative situation from a reference position lagna or the Moon indicator denotes the final results/ traits. Even so these are modified by idea of Vedha/ Vipreet Vedha, Nakshtra concerns, Saptsalakha Chakra and Moorthy Nirnay strategies of use of Bhrigu Bindu. These modifications have been defined with the assist of eleven tables and ideal illustrations. Even so transit of slow shifting planets or retrograde planets are much more evident than of other planets.