Weakly Secured Entry Points Give Burglars An Upper Hand

No one likes to think about their home being burglarized. In the film, “The Big Short,” a system employed by real-life stock traders Charles Ledley and Jamie Mai, involving buying insurance on unexpected events, is portrayed as giving characters based upon them an advantage. The narrator of the film, Jared Vennett, a character based upon former Deutche Bank employee Greg Lippmann, explains that people don’t like to think about bad occurrences, which causes them to undervalue insurance on them.

Properly secured windows are a type of insurance that may never be needed. It is conceivable that they could stop a break in without you ever being aware. There are several steps consumers can take to ensure complete window protection in Naples, FL; Chicago, IL; and every location in the nation.

Sensors Detect Opening

An effective and simple-to-implement window protection measure is installing sensors along the edge of windows that open. Upon being opened, the sensors produce a loud alarm that will likely scare away a majority of burglars or anyone else looking to enter your home without your permission.

More expensive versions of these sensors may be connected to home-monitoring security systems that automatically inform the authorities, should an alarm be triggered. Window sensor options that inform homeowners via email and text message when a window is opened are available as well.

Not All Glass Is The Same

Some burglars, confronted with a locked window, will simply look for another home to target. More determined thieves may be bold enough to break a window to gain entry. Regular glass, as everyone knows, is quite fragile. However, there are a number of different types of reinforced glass that are much more resistant to breakage, as well as a number of composite materials that are close to unbreakable.

In addition to keeping burglars out, reducing the chance of a family member accidentally breaking a window and injuring themselves is another advantage of reinforced glass or composite windows. Be prepared to pay more this premium feature.

Bars Need Not Be Unappealing

Many homeowners find the look of a windows covered with iron bars unsightly and worry about escaping during fires. However, more and more manufacturers are producing pleasing designs that many casual observers may think have been installed for aesthetic purposes. Even if a thief is able to break a window protected by bars, they will not be able to squeeze through. Professionally manufactured systems offer escape protection in the event of fire, too.

The specialized tools and time required to break or cut metal-bar window-protection systems will be a deterrent to all but the most determined thieves. Most thieves will simply move on to another home before dealing with the noise and attention-grabbing procedures required to circumvent window bars.

Motion sensors covering the areas of the home inside windows that sound an alarm, send emails or texts to homeowners, or even automatically contact authorities, work in conjunction with each of the methods featured here, adding an extra layer of security.