Upkeep Cost-free Slope Landscaping: How To Maintain The Weeds Out And The Mulch From Sliding Downhill!

 Landscaping slopes has generally been a obstacle!  Slope landscaping is usually performed to beautify an unusable area around the property or commercial place.  Most owners want a upkeep totally free slope in which you don’t have to pull weeds or use herbicides or walk on the slope to keep it.

Making use of landscaping material on slopes is one particular option but it has generally been a problem because when mulch is applied on leading of the material the mulch slides downhill, leaving unpleasant bare spots of material. In addition to staying aesthetically unpleasing, the bare spots break down promptly because of UV exposure which permits weeds to increase in those people locations. 

At present, there are various ineffective solutions of making use of landscape material or mulch to slopes.

  • one) Landscape gurus/householders apply jute on leading of the landscape material and then apply the mulch on leading of the jute. This is a multi-layer, multi-labor technique and a temporary option because the jute sags and bags, traps deer and smaller animals and degrades in excess of time exposing the material to harming UV rays. The jute also will make it complicated to rake when new mulch is applied.
  • 2) Landscape material is applied, mulch is applied in excess of the material then black plastic grid is applied in excess of the mulch. This approach lasts extended than approach one particular but it seems to be peculiar up near and the netting continues to be a hazard to significant and smaller animals. Also, the netting has to be eliminated to apply additional mulch which is a labor intensive method.
  • three) The third approach is to apply mulch directly to the ground without the need of material. When the rains occur it washes the mulch down hill and does small to protect against weeds.

There is a recently invented products that will be on the sector later on this yr. It blocks weeds and traps mulch to the material.

Slope HuggerTM is a new commercial landscape erosion manage material with mulch trapping spines attached to the material.  The spines are two inches long.  Each individual row of spines is offset from the up coming row to offer fantastic mulch trapping electricity.  The spines are one particular directional and angled at a 45 diploma angle to the base material. The mulch can be applied with a wheelbarrow or a pneumatic driven mulch blowing truck. The spines protect against the mulch from eroding next to gravity, wind, and foot targeted traffic or water runoff. The one particular directional backbone permits for simple raking without the need of tangling and the spines hardly ever matt down with the fat of the mulch. This recently patented creation stops weeds and supplies a long long lasting uniform visual appeal of mulch on slopes. The base material stops weeds but has micro pores which let your plant roots to breathe and permits water to penetrate the material but stops weeds from expanding by the material.  The mulch and landscape material can help the earth to retain dampness which encourages water conservation and reduces water consumption.  The mulch and material act as a filter for storm water runoff which encourages a balanced natural environment.  In addition, Slope Hugger TM reduces the need for herbicides or handbook labor for weed manage.

Slope Hugger TM is simple to install.  The suggestion of the spines really should place uphill, or towards the wind or water runoff.  Soon after clearing the area, just roll it out vertically, stake it to the ground and increase three-4 inches of mulch and your performed.   It is that simple!  If you opt for to plant on the slope just minimize an X or circle out of the material in which you want the crops positioned, place them in the ground and fold the material back in location.   Slope Hugger TM has a three” edge without the need of spines to let for overlapping rows in the course of software.  You can secure the material to the ground with any of the landscape stakes on the sector.

Slope Hugger TM is accessible in 4 X two hundred ft rolls. It is the only landscape/erosion manage material with mulch trapping spines!

Slope HuggerTM was awarded Most effective Invention  at the National Hardware Lawn and Garden display in Las Vegas Nevada, May 8, 2008.

Slope HuggerTM will be examined by California Transportation Office March 2009. Slope Hugger TM has lately been extra to the Oregon Office of Transportations conditional use record

For supplemental info on this wonderful new landscape material, you should go to our Internet site:  Slope-Hugger.com