Sun Put in Different Properties – Benefits

1. A really excellent posture for the Sun and will confer excellent health and fitness if there is no detracting element. The native will have excellent relations with the authorities. He will be respectful and obedient to his father. His spouse will be from a high relatives. He will be on excellent conditions with the folks in electric power. He will be morally upright and will have a spiritual or ethically right angle to daily life. He will be frank and magnanimous.

(ii) Sun in Initial House will be extremely advantageous for the more youthful sister/brother of the native. The more youthful sister/brother will be very well positioned, wealthy and will have mates at high locations. It will also make the native’s mother inclined to religion and she will go on pilgrimages. His youngsters will do very well at the highest amounts of research. They may well also go abroad in this relationship.

(iii) On the other hand if the Sun is adversely positioned in the initial house it will make a individual intense, impetuous, lazy, unforgiving, formidable, Very pleased of amazing appearance, and impatient. He will be total of vitality, bald, tall, lean, and may well go through from illnesses in the head and eye but on the total will love excellent health and fitness.

(iv) The health and fitness of the native may well continue to be indifferent for the duration of the childhood. He is most likely to gain from cattle. The native will have limited selection of youngsters.

Sun in Second Household

(i) The Sun in the 2nd house, if adverse, would make the individual wrestle for cash and may well have to deal with confiscation of wealth and assets by the Federal government. This sort of a Sun will make the more youthful sister /brother of the native not very well disposed toward his father.

(ii) The Father of the native will be in services, not really loaded, and weak in structure. The more youthful sister/brother may well possibly have physi­cal deformity or issues in his vision. The sibling may well also not be morally upright and may well be deprived of youngsters

(iii) On the other hand if the Sun is favourable, very well positioned and highly effective it can make the native really wealth. He may well gain from authorities and by buying and selling or dealing in copper, gold and other metals. He may well have health conditions of the mouth and deal with. He will discover it difficult to find out matters and he simply cannot express himself very well. His relations with his fast relatives may well be unsatisfactory. If the Sun is very well positioned here it will confer favour of the superiors, inheritance, and excellent eye-sight. This sort of a Sun will provide wealth to the mother of the native and really high posture and riches to his youngsters.

(iv) The youngsters of the native will be of excellent carry out. His spouse will deal with a critical time in her middle many years. A excellent Sun with highly effective 2nd house will be favourable for the spouse who may well also hope a legacy.

Sun in Third Household

(i) This native of the Sun would make the romance with more youthful brothers/sisters and other family members strained. Some of his more youthful sisters, neighbours or colleagues may well achieve high posi­tions in daily life.

(ii) This Sun can also lead to early death of a sibling. The native would even so be privileged, high minded, excellent looking, learned, productive in litigation, smart, valorous, and in an authori­tative posture. He may well travel a good deal in relationship with his company.

(iii) The native will have accomplishment in the subject of publishing and enhancing. He will have the fulfillment of owning excellent servants. He will have inclination to affiliate with rough or unwanted individuals.

(iv) The mother of this native will possibly be interested in the occult or may well commit her time to charities, hospitals or asylums. His father will be productive at litigation and may well do very well in daily life.

Sun in Fourth Household

(i) The native would be an employee of the Federal government. An adverse Sun in the fourth house sales opportunities to troubles in relation­ship with the mother and native’s boss. He will not usually be content in daily life specifically at the close of it, would not have peace of thoughts and would do absent with his assets if the Sun occupying this house is weak.

(ii) Nonetheless, this Sun is not excellent for the wealth of native’s father and that of his more youthful sister/brother. He may well go through from high blood force and coronary heart issues. There would be quite a few improvements of residence. A highly effective Sun will provide accomplishment to the native abroad. He will realise his ambitions.

(iii) The native will have immovable assets and will be extremely educated. The native would have honour toward the finish of his daily life. This posture is excellent for the native’s spouse. She may well be of a excellent and pious carry out or be extremely positioned in daily life relying upon the impact that the Sun gets and on the indicator in which it is positioned.

(iv) This posture of the Sun in the fourth house is not excellent for native’s youngsters. They may well have belly, eye or coronary heart issues or they may well lead an inconspicuous daily life.

Sun in Fifth Household

(i) The Sun, if weak and afflicted, in the fifth house sales opportunities to strained romance with the youngsters or their premature death. Nevertheless the native would be really smart, he would be presented to like affairs which can provide dishonour to him.

(ii) The native may well make dangerous and unproductive investments. He will be of nervous dispo­sition. The native is most likely to go through from coronary heart and belly health conditions, specifically so if the house and Leo are also afflicted and weak. The Sun in Navamsha owned by a malefic world and the proprietor of the badly positioned, will severely curtail the longevity of native’s father.

(iii) Be that as it may well, highly effective Sun will provide the native into contact with extremely positioned individuals who will be welcoming with him. The native is most likely to be scholarly and have a couple of elder brothers. An elder brother of the native will achieve a high posture in daily life.

(iv) The native’s more youthful sister/brother will do very well in daily life. Benefits of the 4th house shall be reaped in accordance to the posture of the Sun-whether or not debilitated or exalted or owning malefic impact specifically of Rahu and Ketu.

Sun in Sixth Household

(i) This Sun in the sixth House suggests that the native would just take up services at which he would carry out very well, enable other individuals and have a productive job. He is most likely to just take up drugs or chemistry as his special department of analyze.

(ii) The native will be troubled by his enemies but will correctly get over them. Nevertheless the native will have excellent vitality, he would usually be concerned above his health and fitness. Economically he would be very well off. The health and fitness of the spouse of the native will not be excellent. There would be risk to the native from quadrupeds. His mother’s relatives will have challenges.

(iii) The mother of the native may well create strained relations with her more youthful sister /brother for the duration of the major-time period or sub-durations of the Sun. The native will have a heightened sexual hunger. This is considered a excellent place for the Sun. The native will be prone to fevers and eye issues early in daily life.

(iv) A weak and afflicted Sun may well cause the native to go through humiliations at the fingers of his enemies and he may well lose in litigation. It will give results of its placement in the 2nd house to his youngsters. A benign and highly effective Sun shall be excellent for the progress of native’s father in services.

(v) It is possible , relying on horoscope of father of the native may well be in services of a foreigner. This sort of a Sun may well make the elder sister/brother of the native learned in occult issues.

Sun in Seventh Household

(i) With this posture of the Sun, the sexual urge would be sturdy in the native and there would be specified amount of money of restlessness in him. A weak Sun will be indicative that challenges with regard to his marriage may well come up later in daily life and the spouse of the native may well not keep excellent health and fitness. She will be dignified and very pleased.

(ii) Even a marginally tainted Sun can be troublesome for marital felicity and harmony for the native. The native can go through from humiliations and insults due to women of all ages. He may well antagonise the Federal government. His more youthful sister /brother may well have troubles from his youngsters, or he may well not have youngsters at all. The native may well go abroad..

(iii) The native may well have challenges with regard to his company and partnership. He will have intestinal issues and colic. A excellent Sun will make the native productive right after marriage, preferred and gain as a result of companions. The native will be able to take care of issues by arbitration and will therefore stay clear of litigation.

(iv) This is a excellent posture of the Sun for the youngsters and father of the native. It will give results of its placement in the third and eleventh residences respectively to them.

Sun in Eighth Household

(i) This posture is an indicator that the native would go through from eye issues, specifically in the suitable eye. The native will be prone to fevers. He will barely have mates and his rela­tionship with his father would be tense. His health and fitness even so will be excellent however the span of daily life may well not be more than medium.

(ii) This posture of the Sun can lead to separation from the relatives, loss of wealth, miseries and significant expenditure. The native is most likely to have inclination to sexual promiscuity specifically with foreigners.

(iii) The native will get inheritance or cash by way of legacy as a result of his spouse. In the horoscope of a woman this reveals widowhood. The native may well die committing an act of heroism. He will deal with critical time in his middle age.

(iv) The native may well die of fever, or hearth. A very well disposed Sun may well make the native scholarly or to have deep interest in the occult subjects.

Sun in Ninth Household

(i) This posture guarantees accomplishment and gain as a result of lengthy journeys but, like the prior a single, also suggests weak relations with the father and spiritual preceptor. The father may well go absent early in daily life.

(ii) Native’s relations with his more youthful sister/brother may well also get strained for the duration of the major-time period or sub-durations of the Sun. When the Sun is very well positioned and has advantageous impact, the native would be interested in legislation, religion, and philosophy.

(iii) The native may well have close relationship with colleges or legislation companies. He will tend to do very well in daily life right after 21 many years of age. He would make regard in his subject, be wealthy, good minded and consolation loving. He will correctly pursue bigger research.

(iv) The native will also travel abroad. His youngsters may well have cause to worry on account of their youngsters. The native will be privileged in all his missions which includes foreign journeys.

Sun in Tenth Household

(i) The Sun, when favourable, in the tenth house would make the individual smart, learned, famous, wealthy, and self-self-assured. He would make his livelihood by undertaking mental get the job done. He would be a chief of men and will be productive in his job. This sort of a Sun will give accomplishment, regard, repute and fame to him.

(ii) The native will make very well as a result of his job and he will keep responsible positions, may well be in authorities as very well. He may well be concerned above issues relating to his mother. His relations with his father will be satisfactory and the father will be lengthy lived. He may well reside absent from his family members.

(iii) Be that as it may well, even by keeping high posture- the native may well have an ungovernable or worried thoughts through his daily life. He may well reside at a place absent from the place of beginning-. The native will discover his 22nd and 70th many years as specifically privileged. It will give results of its placement in the 2nd house to the father. It is an excellent placement for the youngsters of the native. the eldest Little one may well turn out to be a physician .

(iv) If the Sun is the proprietor of third house, and Mars is weak in the horoscope, the native may well not have more youthful sister /brother.

(v) If Mars is afflicted in the mix just explained higher than some of the more youthful sister /brother may well die at an early age. The elder brother or sister of the native may well not be loaded. It will give results of its placement in the fourth house to his spouse and in the 2nd house to his father.

Sun in Eleventh Household

(i) This posture is excellent for materials welfare of the native. The Sun here is an sign of productive investments and excellent cash flow from them. It also guarantees realisation of ambitions. The native is most likely to receive wealth.

(ii) This posture is damaging to the eldest kid. It is most likely to cause mental disquiet to the native on account of his youngsters. It guarantees accomplishment with no considerably effort, excellent name and posture. The native may well not be welcoming with politicians.

(iii) The spouse of the native will be excellent looking. His mates be extremely positioned and the native will gain as a result of their enable and support, He will have favours from his superiors and will be in the excellent books of the authorities. It will give results of its placement in the initial house to the elder sister /brother, in the fifth house to his spouse, and, in the ninth house to the more youthful sister /brother of the native..

(iv) This posture is not excellent for the health and fitness of his mother. Sun in the eleventh house is excellent for the welfare of his maternal uncle.

Sun in Twelfth Household

(i) The native may well reside abroad and may well not be loaded. This is not a excellent posture for relations with the father. The native has to get the job done hard for obtaining his ambitions and suffers at the fingers of the Federal government.

(ii) The native will have a good deal to do with hospitals, asylums, charitable establishments, prisons and philanthropic get the job done. He will correctly pursue a job in drugs, chemistry or occult sciences.

(iii) The early many years in his daily life would be obscure. He may well be presented to incessant apply of Yoga. He may well lack in self confidence. A highly effective and advantageous Sun here will be excellent for the improvement of his more youthful sister /brother in his job and the world.

(iv) An afflicted Sun is terrible for the health and fitness of native’s youngsters.

Results of the Sun in different Various conditions – exaltation /debilitation and so on.

(i) If the world is vargottama, exalted, in mooltrikona or in a friend’s indicator in the beginning or navansha chart, sturdy, advantageous for the chart and has excellent Vinshopaka toughness, the excellent results will be exaggerated and the adverse will be diminished.

(ii) If the world is in the indicator of an personal pal (owning taken into account the momentary romance as very well in the beginning or navansha chart, the foregoing observation will be more accentuated.

(iii) On the other hand if the world is debilitated in the beginning or navansha chart, or in an enemy’s or excellent enemy’s indicator in a single of these charts, weak and does not have adequate Vinshopaka toughness, the excellent effects will be diminished and the evil will be dominant.

(iv) Nonetheless if the world is debilitated and vargottama (which signifies that the world is debilitated in the ascen­dant chart and also in the Navamsha chart) but has higher than average resultant Vinshopaka toughness or there is annulment of debilitation, the effects of debilitation will be considerably diminished.

(v) An additional place to be borne in thoughts is that the interpre­tation of the place of a world in a indicator ought to be carried out in the mild of the ascendant. The Sun in Aries for Aries ascendant will not give the identical results as the Sun in Aries for Taurus ascendant. For the previous the Sun) will suggest a rajyoga and make the native, inter alia, wealthy, but for the latter the Sun will be in the twelfth house and may well make the native expend greatly.

(vi) The factors should also be taken into account of all planets specifically of Saturn and Rahu.

(vii) The residences occupied by the Sun and Moon are also taken practically at par with the ascendant.

(viii) It will need not be, pressured all over again that the mother nature of the world: for the ascendant, association with other planets, its placement in the eighth Navamsha, toughness of the world in the indicator, the toughness of the dispositor of the concerned world and its karakatva.