Preventive Maintenance on Your Drains


Drains serve a vital function in your home, but you may not give a second thought to them while they work as needed. They carry waste water from your sinks, tubs and more out of the home in a contained manner to keep your property will-maintained without any effort required on your part. However, drains can and do get clogged with different types of debris from time to time, and when this happens, they will not function well as intended. Water levels will typically rise in a sink or tub as an indicator that you may have a clog. Regular drain cleaning is an excellent way to prevent clogs from developing, and cleaning is also an effective way to remove clogs once they are present.

Some clogs will develop suddenly, but many clogs will develop over the course of time. For example, debris such as grease, soap residue, hair and more can slowly accumulate in the drain or pipe, and a clog may form over the period of days or weeks. Some homeowners with an eye on preventive maintenance will regularly clean their drains with a snake-like device, liquid drain cleaner or professional cleaning services in order to keep clogs at bay.

Clog Removal Options
Even with your best effort to prevent clogs from developing, a clog may still form from time to time. When you have a clogged drain, the water may be slow to recede, or it may not recede at all. This can result in a messy situation and even costly repair work in some cases. Removing a clog as soon as possible will yield the best results, and there are a few options available to remedy the situation. For example, liquid drain cleaners, plungers and snakes are sometimes effective at removing a clog. In some cases, professional cleaning service for your drains is need, and a plumber typically will provide this service.

Whether you are thinking about preventive maintenance, you have noticed signs of a clog starting to develop or you have a fully clogged drain, cleaning drains is a wise move to make. You can attempt to clear away a clog on your own, such as with a snake you purchase at a home improvement store. However, when you need excellent results for a tough situation, professional services are available. You can inquire with your local plumber about professional drain cleaning services.