Planning a Backyard Wedding

Planning any wedding day is never easy. A backyard wedding, though sounding casual, charming and inexpensive, can get as out of control as any other wedding. What is important to keep in mind is the intention to be as stress-free as possible on the special day. Here are some tips and tricks to provide a beautiful and charming, cost-effective and stress free day.

The backyard:

Given the size of the location you have, you can combine the ceremony and reception into one and cut down on price. It will also be more convenient for your guests to not have to travel to different locations.

The foliage of the yard can be used to create its own ornamental decorations. It can even cut down on the price of your flowers. Don’t be too cheap though. In creating the perfect atmosphere you may want to include some pricier accessories such as topiaries, aisle bows, a wedding arch or even your bouquets. The point of the backyard wedding is to create a unique setting, and use as much as what is naturally there to add to your own style.

Decorating is a personal choice but some décor tips for this summer are:

Keep with the ‘green trend’ in both materials and colors. Earth tones and natural hues are popular, using chocolate browns, beiges, natural woods and metals. Alternately, ‘loud’ prints are also big. They are also a nice contrast to the natural look. Use wide stripes, geometric designs and florals to make a personal statement. Remember not to over do it, too much can lessen the restful, peaceful atmosphere. Use prints with subtlety, such as on throw pillows or furniture coverings.


Remember the location in reference to the sun. When setting up your ceremony location, be sure that the guests won’t be staring into the sun the whole time. It is almost impossible to get a great wedding picture with backlighting. Remember to think of this as well. When is the sun to set? When it does, what will your lightening be? Will there be lighting for your guests to walk around, retrieve their cars or sit and chat?

A lovely lighting trick for a casual backyard party is candles. Used in Japanese lanterns, luminaries or in holders on each table, candles can be inexpensive, create an atmosphere of warmth and enchantment.

Alternately, electric and solar powered LED light options are also a great way of adding ambiance without the energy drain, and they don’t emit excess heat.


Even meteorologists get it wrong, so don’t worry if it starts to rain. Plan to have a rental tent on hand, the option of moving inside, or even a change of location. Always plan these things ahead of time. You’re plans will alleviate those unnecessary worries and keep your mind at ease.

If the forecast calls for hot weather, umbrellas are a great option. Ensure the cake table is well shaded, to help prevent the cake’s meltdown.

Always inform your guests of the outdoor reception plans. That way they can prepare with the proper attire, sunscreen, bug repellant etc.


Always check with the areas noise laws. Abiding by them will prevent any upsets such as the police at your event. Sometimes going as far as informing the neighbors of the plans will greatly help. Everyone loves a wedding.

Hopefully with these helpful tips, you can throw a fantastic wedding day for the bride and groom, as well as the guests. Remember to not over stress and stay as calm as possible. Something’s are out of our control, but with the proper planning and a relaxed ambiance, it will see like everything was seamless.