Meal Ideas For Outdoor Fire Pits

There is absolutely nothing that brings back the great memories of bygone times like roasting hotdogs on outdoor fire pits. For most of us, a traditional campfire built on the ground in the forest is practically impossible to recreate but an outdoor fire pit is an easy addition to any backyard. It allows you to once again enjoy the taste of food cooked outside over an open fire and the ambiance of a cozy fire on a chilly night.

A fire pit can be a great place to do as much or as little cooking out as you want to do. In addition to just roasting hotdogs on outdoor firepits, you can also cook corn on the cob, fish, meats, vegetables and much more. The list of foods and dishes you can make on a fire pit is endless.

One thing you must keep in mind is that you do need to have the right tools in order to be able to cook out easily and with the least amount of fuss and mess. A grate to put over your fire pit is essential to any cooking you want to do on it. Without a fire pit grate, you will have tired arms from holding things over the flames, not to mention how warm it gets when you stand within arm’s reach of the fire for a while. A mesh basket is another great investment for fire pit cooking. It is the perfect way to cook vegetables, fish and shellfish. You’ll never have to worry again about dropping good food into the fire and watching it incinerate. Last, but not least, when you’re doing those marshmallows and roasting hotdogs on outdoor fire pits, you need extra long metal skewers with stay cool handles.

A great idea for an outdoor fire pit cookout is to do a build-your-own-shish-kebab party. Set up a table with all the ingredients anyone could possibly want for shish kebabs and keep them on ice. Have plenty of wooden skewers already soaked in water to prevent scorching. Allow everyone to make their very own shish kebabs exactly how they want. A cook out like this is easy, family friendly, healthy and fun. Before long, you’ll be known for your great outdoor get-togethers.

When cooking meals over an open fire, you can get everyone involved. It is not the traditional kind of meal where one person devotes lots of time to preparing it for everyone else. It is very much a shared event and as such, it will make for not just tasty meals but also warm memories of doing things together as a family. Whether you are simply toasting marshmallows, cooking an elaborate meal or roasting hotdogs on outdoor fire pits, it will be great fun and you will create lots of special moments to cherish.

So call up your friends, get the family together, plan a menu and head out to the backyard. In no time you can put together a fun evening of cooking out and cozying up to a fire, just like the good old days, only a little better.