Marshall Erdman Prefab Residences

Prefab #1

His design was for a one tale, L-formed residence with a pitched-roof bedroom wing signing up for a flat-roofed residing-dining-kitchen spot centered on a huge masonry fireplace. A carport with one end of its roof resting on a detached storage lose finished the design. Ultimately, Wright produced variants, including a fourth bedroom and alternatives for a total or partial basement. The variations ranged in dimension from 1,860 to two,400 square feet (173 to 223 m2).

To limit expenses, Wright utilised regular Andersen windows and Pella doors, and intended the prefab to be built utilizing regular sheets of plywood, Masonite and drywall. The exterior was to be painted Masonite with horizontal redwood battens attached, even though the house could also be built of stone or concrete block, or partially faced with stone.

Prefab #1 Residences:

Eugene Van Tamelen House – Madison, Wisconsin (1956)

Arnold Jackson House “Skyview” – moved from Madison to Beaver Dam, Wisconsin in 1985 (built 1957)

Donald C. Duncan House – moved from Lisle, Illinois to Polymath Park in 2002 (built 1957) – one of the several Wright houses that make it possible for guests to commit the evening.

Frank Iber House – Plover, Wisconsin (1957)

Al Borah / Carl Submit House – Barrington Hills, Illinois (1957)

Catherine and William Cass House “The Crimson Beech” – Staten Island, New York (1959)

Socrates Zaferiou House – Blauvelt, New York (built 1961)

Joseph Mollica House – Bayside, Wisconsin (1958)

Dr. Edward & Laura Jane LaFond House – St. Joseph, Minnesota (1960)

Prefab #two

Prefab #two is a square, two tale residence with a flat roof. The house has a huge, square two-tale residing place which is lit by a wall of windows. Also on the to start with floor are the dining spot, kitchen, entry corridor, utility place, and the grasp bedroom. A huge concrete block fireplace separates the kitchen and residing place. A stairway prospects to a balcony and a few 2nd-tale bedrooms.

The house is made from concrete block with horizontal board and batten siding. A row of windows just under the soffit make the chunky flat roof look to float previously mentioned the house. A carport attached to one corner of the house completes the design.

Prefab #two Residences:

Walter Rudin House – Madison, Wisconsin (1957)

James McBean Home – Rochester, Minnesota (1957)

Both of those homes have the same floor prepare and fluctuate only in insignificant specifics these kinds of as paint colour and siting.

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