Kelowna Landscaping Ideas

You have been thinking a lot about developing your backyard in Kelowna this summer, but your mind is blank. Here are some landscaping ideas to help you get started:

Kelowna landscaping ideas

1. Have you considered xericulture? One dictionary describes it as “1. The growing of plants with a minimal use of water. 2. Gardens, landscapes, etc. that require a small amount of water.”

In today’s ecology conscious world, we are all being urged to minimize our use of water for non-essential purposes. In the semi-arid climate of Kelowna, many native plants such as grasses and sagebrush naturally thrive and would do well on minimal water maintenance in any landscaping project.

Rocks and crushed stone would be a natural accompaniment to native plants, and would look spectacular around a pond or an inground swimming pool.

2. Look around your backyard to find any unique outcroppings that you could use as a focal point. Is there any exposed rock or any natural curvature that gives you a starting point from which to begin your landscaping? Do you have a natural stream or creek running through your yard? If so, these may lend themselves to natural enhancement and development rather than trying to create them from scratch.

3. Look around your neighbourhood for landscaping ideas. See what other people are doing successfully that catches your eye, and take ideas from them.

4. Look for Kelowna landscaping ideas on your browser. Many landscape company websites display portfolios of their work that you can peruse. There may be some ideas that will catch your attention.

5. Are there any community standards or restrictions that must be followed? For instance, some townhouse developments do not allow hot tubs, so you would want to know if there were any development restrictions BEFORE you engaged your landscape contractor!

6. Try to blend in with your surroundings as you employ your landscaping ideas (don’t overdevelop) and do not be too different from your neighbours, thus continuing to foster a sense of good community.

7. If you are still at a loss for your landscaping ideas, get the names of some reliable landscape contractors from people who have already used their services and have them do an on-site survey. Since they are in the business, they will have many ideas that will take into account the style and layout of your house on the lot, and be able to propose some excellent landscape suggestions for you. This should also include their estimate on the cost, as well as the proposed length of time it will take from start to completion.

Once you have decided on a plan of action and hired your contractor it will not be long until you begin to see your dream backyard take shape. Make sure to take many pictures as the transformation progresses. This will be a summer you will not forget, especially if all the noise and mess disrupt your life for a time. Nevertheless, take heart; before long it will all be behind you and you will be sitting outside enjoying peace and tranquility in your beautiful back yard.