How to Install a Fire Mantel

Many home improvement outlets or facilities present pre-assembled fireplace mantels. On the other hand, you can also personalize a fireplace mantel of your decision. Creating and putting in your very own fireplace mantel also proves to be a great revenue preserving strategy. Additionally, you can also include a touch of your innovative and creativeness to improve the seem of your fireplace.

Supplies Essential

* Paint
* 4-inch paintbrush
* two-inch paintbrush
* Primers
* Light-weight fixtures
* Sandpaper
* Fire doors
* Circular noticed or table noticed
* Miter noticed
* Wood screws
* Finish nails
* Fluted wood molding
* Crown molding
* Base cap molding
* Joint molding
* Screw gun
* Screws
* Nail gun/nails

Measures for Fire Mantel Set up

1. Install the backing boards around the fireplace and position the new mantel accordingly. Mark the position of the sides and the major of the mantel thoroughly. Soon after measuring the pin position positions of the hollow spots at the back oh the mantel, transfer the measurements on to the wall. Making use of a stud finder, discover and mark the positions of the studs driving the wall.

two. Change a 1″x two” wood board t act as the major backing board. Correct the board to the wall utilizing three-inch all-function screws. Stick to the very same method for the aspect pieces. If studs are absents, use toggle bolts to fix the pieces.

3. Change and fix the fireplace mantel on the wood strips. Make sure that the leveling is excellent.

4. On the major and the sides, drill pilot holes about eight” to 10″ apart. Making use of finish nails, install the fireplace mantel on to the wood boards. Use wood filler to cover and fill the nail holes. When the filler dries, smoothen the surface area utilizing sandpaper. Fill in all the gaps and apply the paint of your decision to fit your style.

Further Bits:

A fireplace can be heat and inviting, but a fire can be exceptionally risky. Many tools you use for your fireplace will be heading specifically into the fire, so you have to have to make certain they are fire-resistant and protected for you to handle. Definitely, everything that does go into the fire really should be produced of a durable substance, such as wrought iron. But if you don’t like the seem of wrought iron, there are a good deal of other elements you can decide on from that include things like brass, copper, bronze, nickel, graphite, stainless metal, pewter, and more. In addition, a excellent pair of fire-resistant gloves will protect against your palms from burning.

Fire Instruments and Your House Décor

Basic safety and functionality are crucial parts to choosing the correct fireplace tools for your fireplace, but these tools are also ornamental pieces that include fashion to your fireplace and your residence. As a consequence, you don’t want to just decide on the initial set that you see. There are a lot of diverse styles obtainable, from standard to contemporary, that can complement the present-day style and design of your residence. Use your present-day residence décor as a tutorial when you decide on the seem of your new fireplace components. If you might be on the lookout for some thing with an antique experience, don’t get the modern stainless metal fireplace resource set. Wait till you locate the set that works for you.