How To Eliminate Noise From Neighbors And Floors

Let’s admit that as much as one wants to be quiet for neighbors or family on a lower level of the home or apartment, it is difficult to do so. Hardwood floors tend to create noise from people walking and children playing and running. For area rugs on hardwood floors, use of a recycled jute rug pad will reduce much noise and sound.

Recycled jute rug pads are available in different weights and the higher the weight, the better the sound and noise insulation quality. The weight refers to the density and thickness of the pad. When possible, try to purchase a 40 ounce weight recycled jute pad as this is one that provides the best comfort and noise insulation. There are 20, 28, 32 and 40 ounce weights yet the 40 ounce one proves to be best. The fact that it is recycled lends itself to being odor free, mold and mildew resistant and perfectly safe for the hardwood or wood floor. You may visit Rug Pad Corner for more on recycled jute rug pads.

If you need protection from noise as well as a non slip rug pad, then there is a quality jute and rubber combination pad for this. Here, the jute surface is recycled and the rubber bottom is a solid layer of natural rubber. The solid rubber is important in that it provides an absorbing layer from noise and sound and will not hard your floor. Be careful of the ones available that are rubber like or an adhesive. This is a sprayed on application and not only will it not work as well for sound and noise, it may also harm your floor.

Choosing the proper rug pad for rugs on hardwood or wood floors in apartments, co-ops or multi-level homes will eliminate the frustration and discomfort of hearing every movement from the floor above. Select the proper quality rug pad and you, the rugs and the floors will be comfortable.