Home Theater Decor – Ideas to Create a Cinema at Home

There is really nothing more indulgent these days than having your own home theater system. I say indulgent, but the reality is that you can pick up some really good systems that won’t cost a fortune. Thus the equipment is affordable but the décor and the furnishings are where you can really let your imagination run wild and create your own cinema at home. This article will discuss some of the things you can look into when creating your own home cinema experience with reference to the home theater decor.

I think home theater décor is determined by how much room you have. If you have the luxury to have a separate room for your home theater then you can go to town on the decor. You can create your own little cinema that includes all the thing that you associate with the multiplex cinemas that you find in town.

However most people don’t have this room and have to fit the system into their lounge area. Thus the room has to function as a comfortable living room and a place to view movies. In this respect you need to be able to adapt the theater system to the existing furniture. Position it so that the most comfortable and popular seats have a good view of the screen. Place the speakers so that these seats get the best surround sound effects. Other seating can be moved to the home theater display unit when an if needed (If you have friends or family round).

If you have a separate room or decide to lean more towards creating a home cinema in you lounge then you can really start thinking about home theater decor. Home theater decor is essentially the different furniture and accents that you include in your home theater system design. There is a huge variety of ideas to choose from when doing this.

The first thing to think about is the seating. Most people go for home theater recliners theses days. They are large armchair type seating that is similar to the seat you will find in a proper cinema. They may have places to store your drinks and a footrest that can be extended to let you recline as you watch the movies. They come in all shapes and sizes and some will seat two people if you want a slightly more romantic viewing experience.

Of course these are not the ultimate in home theater seating. The latest seating that can make the viewing experience even more realistic are seats that vibrate or move based on certain sounds or movements in the movie. These are really great seats but cost a lot of money at present. Thus if you are watching a car chase and the rear end of the car skids out you may feel the chair fall back or shake at the back. The sound of screeching tires will be heard from the rear too and make the experience feel real.

Lighting is important in your home theater from aesthetic and practical viewpoints. The lighting should be positioned so that it does not interfere with the screen but is bright enough to let you move without bumping into things. In this respect a dimmer switch makes a lot of sense because you can control the amount of light at any moment. This is much like the lighting at the cinema, if you have noticed how the lights can be bright when there is an intermission, get a bit dimmer during the commercials and coming attractions and dim further when the movie starts.

There is no limit to the amount and styles of home theater décor that you can put in your home cinema. In fact, in practical terms, the only limits are the space and the amount of money you have to spend on the items.