Greatest Rug Pad for Vinyl and Linoleum Flooring

A prevalent point that can occur by applying the improper type of rug pad on vinyl and linoleum floors is that the rug pad can injury the floor. There are quite a few rug pads offered that contain an adhesive that could stick to and harm vinyl floors. The safest and finest rug pads for use on vinyl and linoleum floors are either a strong felt rug pad or a felt and rubber mix rug pad.

I normally listen to clients asking me what type of rug pad is finest for vinyl and linoleum floors. These exact same clients have either experienced a terrible knowledge with a rug pad on their floor or have been advised by the floor producer to take treatment in deciding upon the proper rug pad for their vinyl floor. Sad to say, there are quite a few rug pads offered that declare to operate on all challenging floors but can really harm quite a few varieties of floors, which include vinyl and linoleum.

The finest alternative for a rug pad underneath a rug on a vinyl and linoleum floor is a recycled felt rug pad or all-natural rubber rug pad. The recycled felt rug pad can be applied underneath rugs that do not have a tendency to slip. Because there is no rubber in this rug pad, it does not prevent slipping. This felt rug pad is great underneath space rugs that are either also large or weighty to transfer or types that have household furniture holding them down. For a rug that tends to slip on a vinyl or linoleum floor, there is a recycled felt and all-natural rubber rug pad. Pure rubber is not to be confused with imitation rubber or a rubber like compound which can harm the floor. Pure rubber is fully secure for all vinyl and linoleum floors and does not transfer to the floor.

I have viewed quite a few vinyl and linoleum floors broken from people thinner waffle searching rug pads offered in quite a few varieties of outlets. The motive this type of rug pad harms the floor is that the rug pad incorporates a chemical adhesive sprayed on it. This adhesive is what can transfer to the vinyl or linoleum floor and lead to irreversible injury. A felt and felt and rubber rug pad does not contain any adhesive or application and hence does not transfer everything to the floor.

For people searching for a way to defend a rug and defend a vinyl or linoleum floor, the proper rug pad will make all the difference. Be positive to come across a retailer that provides a high quality recycled felt or recycled felt and all-natural rubber mix rug pad to lengthen the everyday living of your rug and floor.