Grappling-Muay Thai-kickboxing shin guards

In martial arts, there are three key sorts of shin guards: Grappling, kickboxing or hanging and muay thai. Muay thai and MMA are both of those hanging variations, when muay thai guards are much more padded.

Grappling shin guards are designed to keep on when grappling and also provide padding when standing up. Grappling style have a tube or sock-like way of preserving them on. The only attract again for this style is that they can get extremely warm and they can also be tricky to get on and off once they get damp. Quite a few of the better end guards come with a strap at the top rated of the calf to help tighten them.

The Muay Thai shin guards are constructed to choose hefty hits. These guards almost always have a re-enforcement down the front of the guard. The way they are kept on is not involved with the floor sport. Two straps are all that keep them in position. The matter I really don’t like about these is that they are hefty and can sense bulky. As anyone with a Taekwondo background- velocity is important!

Striking fashion shin guards made use of in Kickboxing. Kickboxing shin guards are not as involved with preserving the guard on when on the floor. One matter that still surprises me is this guards deficiency of re-enforcement along the front. I really don’t know what it is but, I always see individuals go inexpensive when it will come to kickboxing shin guards. They enjoy the cloth coated guards that have about a quarter-inch of soft padding… Go figure!

I have some concepts for a hybrid MMA Design Shin guard. Would not it be great to combine the added padding of muay thai with the sock of the grappling guards. A hybrid product would save you dollars and also save your shins. You can also coach for hanging and also coach for grappling with out acquiring to change. Another aspect I would insert to the hybrid guard is padding all-around and above the knee. This added padding would enable for real leg-kick instruction.

Grappling-Muay Thai-kickboxing shin guards
Muay Thai shin guards