Door Closers: Interior and Exterior

Door closers are a vital piece of hardware in commercial buildings. Door closers are door control feature, as well as a security feature as they ensure that doors close properly so that they can be secured.  Door closers also ensure that fire cannot spread from one part to another. The main reason to install door closers is to ensure security and control. They also assist to minimize the overall cost of air conditioning, as well as heating.

Contractors and commercial builders recommend commercial door closers to be installed on most interior and exterior doors of a building. They are especially eminent for fire exit doors, exterior doors, and larger sized doors. Some of the other things should be considered are its aesthetic appeal.

Door closers are installed on interior and exterior doors as they ensure smooth controlled operation of the door. They can also be installed on doors to assist handicapped usage. There are many types of closers, such as surface door closers, concealed door closers, floor closers, and more. The most common closers are surface mounted closers which are mounted on the door or frame. They have multiple mounting options, such as: regular arm, parallel arm, and top jamb arm. There are also further options for hold open arm, low profile arm, closer sping arms, slide track arms and so on. Door closers can also be adjusted with multiple adjustment options for precise control.

As most door closers have multiple options, selecting one style over the other is usually a matter of choice, budget and interior décor.  Closers are available in sprayed finishes, plated finishes, multi-sized, hold open, non-handed, and so forth. When aesthetics are the vital aspects then concealed door closers and floor closers are the finest options to consider.