Decorate your bedroom in style

All the rooms in your apartment have to look great, but we should take extra care of the bedroom. Even if it’s not the first place we take our guests, our bedroom has to look good for us. It is where come back to every night, tired and stressed out after a day’s work. It’s also the place where couples usually meet for some alone time. That’s why we should try to incorporate these two functions of our bedroom, by creating a relaxing but stimulating environment.

These days people are so busy that they simply don’t have the time or disposition to search through furniture stores, or they don’t afford an interior designer. This may be the reason why so many home owners delay redecorating. What they don’t know is that you don’t have to break the bank in order to have a totally new bedroom. With a little imagination and some spare time, you can get that bedroom you’ve been dreaming of. We’ll give you some ideas on how you can transform your bedroom in a totally different and inviting room.

The first thing you notice when you enter a room, are usually the walls. That’s why the color of the walls should make a statement. First impressions count!. The perfect choice in wall coloring will not only change it’s entire look, but also influence your mood. Choosing the wall color is not an easy task. Consider the two functions we talked about: our bedroom has to be welcoming for us when we are tired and want to sleep, but also when we want to have a romantic evening. If you want a serene, relaxing place, chose different shades of light blue or green. For an invigorating atmosphere, choose reds, oranges or yellows. It’s up to you to choose the mood that you want to create.

OK, now that you took care of the colors of the walls, think about decorating them with wall hangings. If you’re an art lover, or simply want to make your room look fancy, you can never go wrong with a painting. There are many stores where you can find affordable, yet stylish paintings. You can also choose a very creative way to decorate your walls: canvas prints. Now is the time to listen to the artist in you, and be your own designer. Chose some images that you think would look great on your walls. There are plenty of companies that will create your own canvas masterpiece and deliver it to your home.

Another important element in your bedroom, is, of course, the bed. Being usually placed in the center of the room, and being one of the biggest furniture pieces, it will naturally stand out. It’s important to make it look good. If you don t want to completely change the bed, there are other ways to make it look different: to decorate the headboard, and change the sheets with some stylish ones. These small and inexpensive changes will make you bed look fabulous.

Now that you’ve take care of the walls and the bed, you should look into decorating the lower portion of the room. You don’t have to cover the entire surface with rugs, especially if you have wooden floors. Add only one or two small carpets. When you choose the carpets, have in mind the style and colors of the walls, curtains and furniture. Don’t be too flashy, if there already are enough elements that catch your eye in the bedroom, go with some simple carpets. If the bedroom is simple and elegant, you can go for a more bold choice and add a statement carpet.

All these are not expensive ideas. You need only to be creative and willing to transform your bedroom in the retreat of your dreams.