Cowhide Rugs Ideal for Any Home or Apartment

Anyone who is considering investing in a cowhide rug is essentially guaranteed satisfaction, as such rugs provide versatility, beauty and are extremely hard wearing. The following are a few of the characteristics that make such rugs a better choice than their conventional counterparts:


Cow skin rugs are extremely versatile. For instance, consumers who prefer traditional interior designs quickly discover that cowhide rugs almost always blend perfectly with such decor. In addition, rugs of this type can also be used to great advantage in dwellings where modern or abstract interior themes are used. For example, they can double as decorative wall hangings in a study, family room, living room or even a bedroom. This option is particularly appealing to those who prefer something a bit different than standard wall prints or paintings. Other uses include covers for easy chairs, sofas, love seats, or even blankets during chilly winter nights.

Natural Beauty

Consumers who prefer natural colors and patterns are typically very pleased with cowhide rugs, as their appearance makes it easy to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere in any area of a home or apartment. Because they are animal skin rugs, no two ever look exactly alike. This makes them ideal for anyone who wishes to breathe new life into a drab room in an unconventional way.

Safe for Those with Allergies

Those who suffer from allergies or asthma often find that pet hair, mold and bacteria exacerbate the problem. Cowhide rugs are perfect for such individuals, as they do not stir up allergens. This is not only due to the tanning process used when they are made, it is also linked to the makeup of their natural fibers. Because of this, they do not collect hair, dust or allergens in their fibers as do synthetic carpets. The gentle oils found in rugs made from cowhide also discourage the buildup of mold and bacteria, which are very common allergy triggers found in most traditional carpets.

Excellent Longevity

Some shoppers are concerned about buying high-end designer rugs only to have to replace them in a short length of time when they become worn. Expensive rugs of this type may be beautiful, but they often come with a short lifespan. Therefore, cowhide rugs are a terrific alternative to more expensive options. The natural fibers in a cowhide rug are quite resilient to all types of wear and tear, as well as spills and stains. For this reason, they are perfect for high traffic areas. Fortunately, in most cases they are also less expensive than designer rugs that have only half their life span. When the aforementioned facts are considered, it is easy to see why a cow skin rug is a lovely, versatile and durable choice for essentially any consumer.