Cleaning The Deck


The deck is an area of the home where you can relax and enjoy the outdoors either by yourself or with family and friends. You can set up an area with furniture, tables and even a grill so that you can cook outside or have a place to sit while talking, reading or listening to the sounds of nature. There are a few things to keep in mind before you contact a company like to clean the deck.

One of the first things that you need to do is to remove the furniture and any coverings from the deck. You don’t want them to get wet from the cleaning process, and if you put them in the yard, you’ll have more space to give them a quick clean as well.

Decide whether the deck needs to simply be cleaned or if you need to strip the paint or stain from the deck. This decision will likely be based on what you want to do to the deck after it’s cleaned. If you want to paint the deck, then you should probably strip everything off of it before adding a protective coating to the wood. This will allow the paint to stick to the wood instead of coming off in a few months after walking on the surface. If you have stain on the deck, then you want to use the proper products to remove it as cleaners usually aren’t strong enough to get the stain off.

Before the deck is cleaned, you want to thoroughly wet the surface. You also want to wet the plants that are near the deck. Most products won’t harm them, but if they have a coating of water on them, then it will be easier to get the products off after the deck is cleaned. By wetting the surface before cleaning, you’ll remove the top layers of dirt and debris that can sometimes clump together when the deck is cleaned.

Spray or pour the cleaner on the deck, waiting about 15 minutes before using a scrub brush to clean. A stiff brush is often needed for the wooden surface as it will get rid of more dirt, excess paint and other material that is left on the deck. A pressure washer can be used to clean the deck as well if you add cleaners to the water instead of just using a plain water supply.