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Abstract: Report introduces a three-dimensional heat pump in summer months Central air conditioning Cooling, ground heating in wintertime and the seasonal existence of the software and positive aspects of hot h2o.

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Ground heating is the market’s most well known new heating approach, with temperature below 35 -50 hot h2o heating, via buried below the ground heating pipes to heat the ground, by way of significant-scale minimal-temperature radiation heating requirements assured.

Now commonly used in central air conditioning or a relatives split air-conditioning and are based on Compressor Carnot cycle basic principle of operating the system to take cold, to guarantee the demanded cold area.

Comfortable household setting, in the cold wintertime, radiant ground heating system can not be separated can not do without the need of air conditioning in summer months the exact time is also inseparable from the domestic hot h2o year spherical.

Amid these three is vital to our lives, usually in buy to achieve these essential necessities, we require to configure Fuel Boiler Heating system, central heating or use a centralized heating system to the summer months we use air conditioning or central air conditioning wall, give us a interesting area Heating Domestic hot h2o heating networks are usually their very own gasoline h2o heater, electrical h2o heater, solar h2o heaters, and so on. the household Suanlaisuanqu have three sets of system can ensure the essential requirements.

Really a extremely typical and steady unit can combine these three features into a person unit, to our interior decoration, machines purchase to lower a major workload, and that is the Trinity Warmth Pump.

In accordance to the various heat source heat pump, heat pump current market is usually divided into two groups, air source heat pump and Floor Supply Warmth Pump . Air source heat pump is the compressor operating via the air absorbs heat from a unit, floor source heat pump compressor from the floor via the soil or groundwater absorbs heat machines the exact time and are also out there from the soil to take up air or floor cooling capability to meet the air conditioning cooling requirements.

The essential concepts of air source heat pump is usually well-becoming of our essential basic principle of twin-use air-conditioning is the exact. All via the compressor and the inverse Carnot cycle Carnot cycle for cooling and heating of.

At present on the current market there is a significant range of well-becoming is via the basic principle of twin-use air-conditioning and heating or cooling, on the other hand, most of them shipped to the area via the CFC. Can not meet the requirements of minimal-temperature hot h2o ground heating and hot h2o requirements, frequently people require supplemental configuration Ground Heating Wall-hung boilers Or a h2o heater existence.

Timor Simai Trinity equipment technological innovation is the introduction of innovative technological innovation from Europe and the idea of built-in heat pump and Ground Heating Technique Edge, created daring improvements in heat pump technological innovation, and has utilized for a patent, a solitary heat pump can be attained though assembly the ground heating in wintertime and summer months air conditioning, hot h2o all year spherical offered the Trinity features. Heating heating network in China

Trinity Floor Supply Warmth Pump

Warmth pump and a mixture of ground heating devices, the positive aspects of electricity saving heating heat pump system into the extreme. Is well regarded, heat pump technological innovation is developed soon after a century of electricity-saving technological innovation. The essential basic principle is to use heat as driving the compressor, liquid evaporative cooling as a implies, via the significant-pressure liquid evaporation, heat transfer from minimal to medium heat absorbing medium, the exact item can be absorbed from a cold temperature, transfer to the cold item. Pure, spontaneous electricity only from significant high-quality to minimal high-quality modify, unless the raise of exterior pressure, the electricity will be from minimal high-quality to significant high-quality. The heat pump is a way to achieve electricity from minimal high-quality to significant-high-quality machines to deliver a driving pressure in our problems, the pump electricity transfer as a instrument that can put a large amount of electricity from minimal high-quality to significant-high-quality conversion.