Cowhide Rugs Ideal for Any Home or Apartment

Anyone who is considering investing in a cowhide rug is essentially guaranteed satisfaction, as such rugs provide versatility, beauty and are extremely hard wearing. The following are a few of the characteristics that make such rugs a better choice than their conventional counterparts:


Cow skin rugs are extremely versatile. For instance, consumers who prefer traditional interior designs quickly discover that cowhide rugs almost always blend perfectly with such decor. In addition, rugs of this type can also be used to great advantage in dwellings where modern or abstract interior themes are used. For example, they can double as decorative wall hangings in a study, family room, living room or even a bedroom. This option is particularly appealing to those who prefer something a bit different than standard wall prints or paintings. Other uses include covers for easy chairs, sofas, love seats, or even blankets during chilly winter nights.

Natural Beauty

Consumers who prefer natural colors and patterns are typically very pleased with cowhide rugs, as their appearance makes it easy to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere in any area of a home or apartment. Because they are animal skin rugs, no two ever look exactly alike. This makes them ideal for anyone who wishes to breathe new life into a drab room in an unconventional way.

Safe for Those with Allergies

Those who suffer from allergies or asthma often find that pet hair, mold and bacteria exacerbate the problem. Cowhide rugs are perfect for such individuals, as they do not stir up allergens. This is not only due to the tanning process used when they are made, it is also linked to the makeup of their natural fibers. Because of this, they do not collect hair, dust or allergens in their fibers as do synthetic carpets. The gentle …

Creating a Modern and Updated Bathroom

Homeowners today want every room of their home to look and feel special. This is why many people aim for a look that is updated and modern. A bathroom is a ideal place for a modern, sleek look with a feel that calls to mind efficiency and technological innovation. Any homeowner who wants a bathroom that is all about today’s feel. Many elements go into creating a modern bathroom. A homeowner should think about the materials they use in the bathroom including the fixtures, the use of light and how they store each item they want to use each day in the bath. The goal should be to create a look that is unified and coherent as well as free from unwanted clutter of any kind.

Using Light

One of the most important elements in creating a modern bathroom is the use of light. Light helps make it easy to use the bathroom by allowing the user to spot what they need there such as the shower faucets and the room’s storage units. All windows coverings must be thought about carefully as you’ll see when you hop over to this site. Lots of light in the room can help it feel larger. Consider installing a skylight to help bring light in a small bathroom. Other ways of keeping light include putting shutters that can help keep the room private but still let in light. A set of shutters on the lower windows can be used while the upper windows are kept free of any other kind of window covering.

The Layout

Another important consideration is the layout of the bathroom. Any bathroom needs to have an efficient layout. If remodeling a bathroom, this is the perfect time to change a layout that does not quite work. The major items …

How To Combine Decorating Styles With Your Spouse

There are a lot of things you discuss and learn about your spouse in the weeks and months before you get married. You discuss how many kids you each want to have, whether you prefer city or country living, dog person or cat person, vanilla ice cream or chocolate. But one thing that is rarely discussed when you’re planning your wedded bliss is how you’d like to decorate your home.

When you’re first married, most of your furniture and other home decorating items are either given to you by friends and relatives or bought at deep discount sales. Your style is driven more by your budget than your preferences.

Then somewhere along the way, when you’re more secure financially, you start noticing little things start creeping into the house. Maybe your wife has been buying little Victorian accessories, and they’re now adorning every flat surface in your house. You’re starting to panic, wondering how on earth all of those frilly and flowered little tchotchkes are going to fit in with the Asian-inspired design you had envisioned.

Well, don’t panic. It may not seem like it now, but even styles this diverse this can work together. Here’s one way to use your imagination to bring two very different styles together.

Imagine that long ago an Asian furniture merchant traveled to Victorian-era London and opened a furniture store. While living there, he fell in love and married a beautiful and refined young lady. How do you imagine they decorated their house?

Interesting, isn’t it? You’re probably already imagining all sorts of ways to combine these styles in an elegant and charming way. An ornate lacquerware cabinet with a proper Victorian tea set placed on a hand-embroidered cloth. A Victorian chair accessorized with a batik pillow. One room may have slightly more of …

Landscaping Decks the Easy Way

The most important thing to consider in regards to backyard landscaping is that there are many options out there and available to you. With the advent of the internet, a search for “Deck Landscaping Photos” will give you many worthwhile ideas that will demonstrate what can be done. Alas, don’t forget your Public Library.

Landscaping Decks properly is an art that cannot only make your yard stand out, but also increase the property value of your home. People can spend a lifetime saving all of their money to buy their dream home, but a house without proper landscaping is lacking.

Many times homebuyers inherit the pervious owner’s landscaped yard but a neglected deck? People just don’t consider the deck or patio as part of the backyard landscaping. If you are going to be landscaping decks, there are some things that you should know about how to go around doing it and how it will work with your other landscaping plans.

Don’t Over Look It!

Landscaping decks is something that is often hard to do because at times the deck was already there when you bought the house. If you were to put one in yourself, you might have had a different vision. However, there are things that you can do to make landscaping existing decks incorporate everything your yard has already.

First of all, make sure that your deck ties together with your house. That means you should paint it if you need to. This doesn’t mean that it has to be the same color as your house. A lot of landscaped decks work well if the deck is a complimentary color or matches the trim or other pieces of the home. Then, build your landscaping around the house and the deck together. This is a good thing to do …

Home Security – 3 Fast Steps to Burglar Proof Your Home Today!

Sometimes the best home security is implemented when you are the one making the assessment and any corrective action- a do it yourself home security plan.

Here are home security tips to think about that will definitely discourage or flat out stop a potential intruder from entering your house. It is not an all inclusive list but one that if followed will certainly go a long way toward making your home more secure.

1. Take a critical look at your house from the outside. Is your house well lit? Are there hiding places near doors and windows? If you can spot a potential weakness in your home’s “look” you can bet a professional burglar can exploit it. Remember that light is a burglars’ enemy-darkness a friend.

2. What could slow down a burglar from entering your home? Simple home security devices such as locks on doors(deadbolts are best) and windows, bars, grates-items that are visible from the exterior of the house will not only act as a deterrent but slow down an intruder should he decide to try to enter. The more time it takes to break into a home, the more discouraged a burglar will become. Time is the enemy of the burglar.

3. How noisy can you make it if someone gains entry? Noise is also the enemy of the burglar. There are many home security alarms activated by doors or windows opening or by motion. The sound of a barking dog, real or recorded, are very effective and will scare most burglars away.

Lights, noise and time-they are the three biggest enemies of an intruder. If you implement these home security tips to fortify your house you may well avoid a lot of potential break-ins. But there are some other things that …

Adding Colonial House Stylings to Your Exterior

Colonial house plans have made a resurgence over the last decade and are now as popular as contemporary house floor plans. Colonial home styles have evolved from the merging of various cultural traditions and so there are no defined parameters within which a Colonial house can be styled. Today’s urban and suburban Colonial homes often blend various traditional floor plans, like the Federal, Cape Cod, Georgian, Saltbox and Ranch.

However, there are some easy ways to ensure that your house has a distinct and very palpable Colonial styling element to it.
Using Colonial Sidings

One of the easiest ways to establish a true Colonial feel is to add Colonial sidings for the roof. These are a practical and graceful alternative to the more conventional roof claddings.

One of the most common sidings is the Dutch Colonial siding that is installed along two layers. The siding could be made of shingles, wood clapboard or the more traditional choices like brick or stone. These sidings can be easily fastened over wood or steel backings, and most of them are retailed with matching trims and moldings to unify the entire décor. A house with Colonial sidings, a Gambrel roof and flared eaves looks typically Colonial.
Coloring Ideas for the Colonial Effect

A house that has few Colonial design elements can still attain this charming appearance through color coordination. If you want to make your house look a bit larger, use siding in lighter shades. For 2-storied homes, multi-color sidings are ideal wherein the darker shade is used along the lower-end of the walls, the medium shade on the second floor and the lightest shade is used for the top-most part of house. The siding’s color should blend with the overall styling of the house and your personal preference. Some popular examples in this …

Garage Remodeling And Organization

Garage remodeling is when you transform that almost neglected part of your house that your wife and children do not even dare to enter. Remodeling of garage is more efficient today because of recently developed garage organizing and storage systems. Remodeling of your garage is very important aspect of the home remodeling. It is probably the quickest way to add much needed space to your home.

If you are considering any sort of home repair this may just be the one that should be first on your list, because it is often the most visible exterior element of a home. Its no wonder that garage remodeling is getting a closer looks from homeowners. How to deal with a cluttered garage is an issue faced by every family at some point and garage remodeling and organization are among the most popular solutions. Therefore, the first important step in garage remodeling is to empty out the garage completely of its contents.


The garage door is beginning to get more attention from todays homeowners as garage remodeling is becoming more important to them. To give you some idea of what you might be looking at, a new garage door usually costs somewhere around $1,000, and a garage storage system is another $1,000. For garage door tips, consider changing your old garage door. Newer garage doors are more secure and make better use of technology for safety and security.

An old door and opener could be a real threat for your children playing near the garage. The door needs to be maintained every now and then to ensure its continued safe use. When a door and opener gets really old, periodic maintenance gets even more expensive as some worn out parts would have to be replaced. The best way to go is to …

The Three Stages To Sewer Damage

Author: Juan Garcia

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1. Roots have entered the sewer system, causing partial stoppage. This can usually be cleared by cabling or water jetting. However this would only give temporary relief.

2. Roots have clogged the sewer system causing serious damage. This can be fixed permanently by replacing a section of your sewer Pipe, or water jetting to cut out the roots and Pipe-lining to repair the break.

3. Roots have caused the sewer to collapse or have severely damaged the pipe. This usually causes a catastrophic stoppage. Sewer rehabilitation will be required.

4. Complete Replacement: In the unfortunate event that your sewer line has sunk (due to ground movement or settling and cannot be cleared by cabling or water jetting it may need to be completely replaced. Lining the pipe will not help a sunken pipe or remove a “belly” in a sewer or drain line. We have two solutions available to correct this problem.

Pipe bursting: often called trenchless technology may be the best solution.

Two holes are dug; one to expose your horizontal Sewer pipe near the front of your house, and another near the curb (or lowest point) of your sewer main. We run a steel cable through the old pipe, fuse together 20’ sections of HDPE pipe into the desired length. At this time, a large cone-shaped hardened steel breaker head is inserted through the pipe and is pulled by hydraulic rams ( 30 ton pulling capacity) splitting the old pipe and creating a channel large enough for the new …

Kelowna Landscaping Ideas

You have been thinking a lot about developing your backyard in Kelowna this summer, but your mind is blank. Here are some landscaping ideas to help you get started:

Kelowna landscaping ideas

1. Have you considered xericulture? One dictionary describes it as “1. The growing of plants with a minimal use of water. 2. Gardens, landscapes, etc. that require a small amount of water.”

In today’s ecology conscious world, we are all being urged to minimize our use of water for non-essential purposes. In the semi-arid climate of Kelowna, many native plants such as grasses and sagebrush naturally thrive and would do well on minimal water maintenance in any landscaping project.

Rocks and crushed stone would be a natural accompaniment to native plants, and would look spectacular around a pond or an inground swimming pool.

2. Look around your backyard to find any unique outcroppings that you could use as a focal point. Is there any exposed rock or any natural curvature that gives you a starting point from which to begin your landscaping? Do you have a natural stream or creek running through your yard? If so, these may lend themselves to natural enhancement and development rather than trying to create them from scratch.

3. Look around your neighbourhood for landscaping ideas. See what other people are doing successfully that catches your eye, and take ideas from them.

4. Look for Kelowna landscaping ideas on your browser. Many landscape company websites display portfolios of their work that you can peruse. There may be some ideas that will catch your attention.

5. Are there any community standards or restrictions that must be followed? For instance, some townhouse developments do not allow hot tubs, so you would want to know if there were any development restrictions BEFORE you engaged your landscape …

Bathroom Remodeling Thoughts

Rest room reworking can be an overpowering undertaking. Whether or not its incidental or a planned reworking occupation using the time to program and design your bathroom will not only make the last product or service far more pleasing but it can vastly enhance the value of your property. Bathroom design would not mean you have to go seek the services of a costly interior designer. Organizations this sort of as offer totally free bathroom scheduling conciliations. Supplied your bathroom proportions their practical team with many years of bathroom reworking knowledge can enable you obtain the suitable design and style fixtures that will effectively suit your bathroom.
The most significant part of you bathroom is the fixtures within it. What ever fixtures you select you have to make guaranteed that they compliment every single other. There are quite a few styles of bathroom fixtures to select from. Lately manufactures have been updating classic design and style fixtures with present day functions this sort of as claw foot Jacuzzi bathtubs. These are good products and solutions for people today who want present day luxury with the far more classic traditional appear.
Tile get the job done has been a staple in bathroom reworking for many years. People today dread bathroom reworking simply because of the superior price of tile get the job done. There are many new products and solutions on the marketplace that can help you save the consumers from the stress of tiling an total bathroom. Modular steam showers are turning out to be very well known simply because of their functions they have also become well known with bathroom remodelers simply because they get rid of so a great deal tile get the job done. These unit occur are manufactured of either superior end acrylic or tempered …