How To Establish Urban Garden For For Fun and Profit


Urban gardening is ideal in the city or town where your space for planting is limited. If you’re employed in the city and you’ve no time to go to the province to do your farming activities, then urban gardening is best for you. 

Benefits you can get from urban gardening: 

  • It could be therapeutic. Tending your plants early in the morning or after office hours relieves you from stress in the workplace and in the home. 
  • It could be enjoyable. When you see your plants with attractive flowers and vigorous growth, your imagination wanders like you’re in heaven with a happiness and satisfaction you can’t explain. 
  • Generate additional income. You can sell your extra plants to others if you think they are surplus for your personal needs. The city is a ready market because there are plenty of people and there’s the purchasing power. 
  • Reduce waste accumulation. You can recycle used materials such as; tin cans and plastics, sachets, tin foils  for potting, Styrofoam for seed boxes, biodegradable products for composting, and others. 

Strategies in Urban Gardening 

  • Select the right crops to grow, depending on the purpose or purposes of going into urban gardening. 
  • Identify a particular target market if you’re into commercial production. 
  • Develop your own passion or specialization and concentrate on that line. 
  • You can rent or borrow vacant lot. 
  • You can use your roof top if you have any. 
  • You can create plant boxes along your fence and walkways. 
  • You can grow plants in pots and other containers. 

What kind of plants are ideal for urban gardening 

You can grow all kinds of plants from fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals. 

  • Fruits. You can grow fruits if not in the ground, you can plant them in containers, e. g. citrus,

Low-cost Artificial Turf Landscaping Ideas

Maintaining a lush, healthy yard takes time and money. While many people enjoy caring for their lawns — including mowing, watering and weeding — others don’t have the time or money to invest in regular lawn maintenance.  This is why many homeowners choose artificial turf as a cost-effective solution to natural grass lawns.Synthetic turf can be used by people, businesses, schools and homeowners for residential and commercial landscaping needs as well as for athletic and playground surfaces.

Artificial grass can be used to landscape your yard, garden, deck or porch. Here are a few low-cost landscaping ideas using artificial turf.

Beautify shady areas: Use synthetic turf to add color to shady areas in your lawn or garden. Artificial turf  prices are affordable and installation is easy. Shady gardens and lawns can look stunning when you install synthetic turf along with a variety of shade-friendly shrubs and perennials.

Family-friendly backyards: Artificial turf is a great foundation for outdoor family fun.Manufactured using the latest materials on the market, artificial turf is designed to withstand frequent use and harsh weather.

Synthetic turf is child- and pet-friendly, which means it is durable, safe and soft.

Manufactured using the latest materials on the market, artificial turf is designed to withstand frequent use and harsh weather. It is free of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, bugs and mold. What’s more, children and pets can play on an artificial  lawn for as long as they like without having to worry about destroying the grass.
Poolside greenery: A lush background is an important element when landscaping a pool. Artificial turf makes it easy and affordable to landscape your pool without sacrificing style. Use synthetic grass to brighten the landscape and soften hard surfaces. You can also use synthetic turf to create a shady refuge from the sun.

Creative walkways: Whether …

Bamboo Garden Border and Bamboo Borders

Bamboo Garden Border

Are you looking for ideas that will enhance the natural beauty of your yard or landscaping?  Do you want a cost effective way of adding a special touch to your home?  Why not consider adding bamboo garden border to your flower bed or vegetable plot?  A popular building material used all around the country, bamboo is ideal for outdoor conditions because of its hollow interior and durable stalks.

Bamboo garden border enhances the appeal of a home by drawing attention to specific areas in your yard.  If you are trying to sell your home in today’s market, you have to really have something that stands out and attracts the buyer’s attention.  Often considered a small touch, bamboo garden border makes a big impact in the minds of those looking for the perfect dwelling to move into.

A serene garden with running waterfall and Zen Garden can be just what the doctor ordered.  With so many things threatening their peace of mind, relaxing in a sacred place cordoned off by bamboo garden border may be the anecdote that many people are looking for.  Pull up a piece of lawn furniture and get ready to align your chakras.  There is something very therapeutic about bamboo.

Many people enjoy the rustic feel of bamboo garden border.  Made from the stalks of bamboo and polished, the highly versatile lawn and garden decoration is functional as much as it is beautiful.  Adding bamboo garden border takes very little time and has long lasting appeal.  Many people are drawn to the woody grass because of its exotic look and ability to withstand all types of weather.

You do not have to live in another country to give others the appearance of Asia.  Installing bamboo garden border is an easy way to alter the …

Affordable Backyard Remodels a Matter of Simplicity, Creativity

In economically challenging times such as these, Flowing Wells Landscape Construction would like to remind you that while a complete overhaul of your landscaping may not be in the cards presently, a remodel built around the twin concepts of simplicity and creativity can redefine a backyard in an equally dramatic way.  As an experienced Arizona landscaper, we can say the good news is that such a wonderful yet simple transformation can be achieved by incorporating elements you might not have previously considered.

An inviting patio area is a must-have for entertaining family and friends throughout the year.  And while bigger ticket items such as patio decks may be on the to-do list one day, there are simpler, more affordable ways in which you and your local landscaper can make your patio a centerpiece of your backyard.  The incorporation of Flagstone, for example, can change the entire feel of a patio area and create an entertaining surface that is both beautiful and durable.  Likewise, the addition of something as simple as patio lights can create a variety of moods, all controlled by you, when entertaining friends and family after the sun goes down.  In this and many other ways Scottsdale landscaper Flowing Wells can help transform the look and feel of your yard.

Outdoor barbeque grills and outdoor fireplaces can also add a great deal of style to your patio.  In the case of outdoor fireplaces the right choice, combined with the existing design elements, can quite literally create an extension of your living space.  Or bring a campfire feel to the proceedings by installing a fire pit in your backyard.  Sitting around a fire on a cold winter night is one of the great joys of life, and instills a sense of community and friendship that can’t be beat.  Plus …

The Natural Beauty of Bamboo Garden Water Fountains

Bamboo is one of the most popular materials for outdoor garden fountains.  Not only are these Zen-style water fountains very naturally appealing, they are known to attract positive energy as well.  If you are interested in transforming your garden into an oasis with Japanese flare, a bamboo garden water fountain is the right choice.

Types of Bamboo Garden Water Fountains

There are two basic types of bamboo water fountains.  The traditional stationary bamboo fountain consists of multiple hollow bamboo chutes with one chute typically placed upright or angled along the edge of the fountain reservoir for water flow.  The other type is the shishi-odoshi (or deer chaser) bamboo fountain.  In this type of fountain, a hollow bamboo chute moves back and forth as water flows through it.  This creates a melodic sound in addition to the calming sound of flowing water.  It is called the deer chaser because it was originally intended to scare deer away from gardens with the sound of the moving chute.  There are many shishi-odoshi bamboo garden water fountain designs, with the most common one consisting of two vertical bamboo chutes inserted into the ground, and a central bamboo stick sandwiched between these serving as the water tube.

Creating Your Own Bamboo Fountain

Bamboo garden water fountains are an elegant and natural way to enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water in your garden.  While you can find these fountains complete with a pump, you can also add a pump and bamboo spout to any container to create your own bamboo garden water fountain.  There are a number of bamboo spout kits available on the market.  Some bamboo spout kits are quite simple while others incorporate several bamboo sticks and figurines.  There are also bamboo water wheel accessories available.  By adding an adjustable bamboo spout, the …

No Cost Landscaping Ideas

The Internet has a great many sites dedicated specifically to free landscaping ideas, thereby enabling people to initiate their own landscaping projects, at their own pace, without the cost of engaging a contractor.

Generally, these sites offer easy to understand instructions, and are presented in such a way as to make it easier to achieve your desired result. Therefore, should you be looking to start a landscaping project of your own, having never done so previously, the internet would be your best bet as a starting point place of reference, for no-cost landscaping ideas.

This too, will give you a good idea of just what is involved, considering materials; space and perspective; step-by-step procedures and approximated time needed to complete each task; estimated costs; detailed elements of landscaping including patios, front and backyards, water features such as swimming pools, and other decorations, that previously you may not have considered – had you even been aware of them.

Here are just a few free landscaping ideas available on the web.

Keep in mind, that you can chop and change most of the elements in any free ideas you view on the internet, nothing is “carved in stone” as far as ideas go, AND, you will not be wanting your particular outdoor-space, to be looking exactly like everyone else. So, mix it up a little.

1. Trees.
Apart from the fact that most trees are “set and forget”, i.e. plant them, water them, but largely leave them to their own devices; trees, whether a single specimen tree, or a stand or copse of them, add a focal-point to a garden.

Depends on what it is you are after – somewhere to sit in the shade; something to contemplate – a particular tree of beauty; somewhere for the kids to play; maybe as …

Garage Remodeling And Organization

Garage remodeling is when you transform that almost neglected part of your house that your wife and children do not even dare to enter. Remodeling of garage is more efficient today because of recently developed garage organizing and storage systems. Remodeling of your garage is very important aspect of the home remodeling. It is probably the quickest way to add much needed space to your home.

If you are considering any sort of home repair this may just be the one that should be first on your list, because it is often the most visible exterior element of a home. Its no wonder that garage remodeling is getting a closer looks from homeowners. How to deal with a cluttered garage is an issue faced by every family at some point and garage remodeling and organization are among the most popular solutions. Therefore, the first important step in garage remodeling is to empty out the garage completely of its contents.


The garage door is beginning to get more attention from todays homeowners as garage remodeling is becoming more important to them. To give you some idea of what you might be looking at, a new garage door usually costs somewhere around $1,000, and a garage storage system is another $1,000. For garage door tips, consider changing your old garage door. Newer garage doors are more secure and make better use of technology for safety and security.

An old door and opener could be a real threat for your children playing near the garage. The door needs to be maintained every now and then to ensure its continued safe use. When a door and opener gets really old, periodic maintenance gets even more expensive as some worn out parts would have to be replaced. The best way to go is to …

Backyard Landscape Designs – Home Vegetable Gardening Designs

Nothing is more challenging for a gardener than to come up with a good garden design.

Designing a home vegetable garden should starts with the right knowledge regarding the type of garden you would want to have and the way you plan tin utilizing it. Sounds like a pretty great deal of work to get started but then there are easy principles to consider in your home vegetable gardening designs.

Let us start with choosing the site for your home vegetable garden. The site that you have to choose is the one that receives long hours of sunlight each day. Vegetables best grow with more absorbed sunlight. This is such a very important thing to be taken into consideration. Neglecting this aspect will surely result to a negative impact on your home vegetable garden.

After knowing the sun’s movement in your garden, the next big thing to do is lay outing. Layout of the garden will give you the dimension and space to work on even when your crops are already planted. This makes the garden works easy to perform. This is in connection with the paths to be built across your garden. Pathways are essential to have accessibility in all areas of your garden with ease. Having well built and well positioned pathways will give access not only with the foot traffic but with the wheel barrows and other gardening equipments to get in and out of the garden without disturbing the crops. Having pathways also guarantee you that the loosened soil you have worked with will not get compacted as continues traffic would go through it. Compact soil is not good for your crops because it logs the water and lessen the air spaces from which the roots of the crops to breathe.

On the other hand, …

Making Money From Your Backyard

Many persons find it challenging to think of practical ideas to earn extra income. The key to making more money is first to identify where people have unmet needs or pressing problems that you can solve for profit. When you are trying to create a part-time source of income, you should always stick to options that fit in with your natural talents or the resources that you already have on hand.

Using these basic principles, it should not be difficult to find several opportunities to become more productive in your spare time. Today, let’s look at how you can use your backyard, whether big or small, and a little elbow grease to work your way into extra cash.

Producing Seedlings

The Ministry of Agriculture is currently encouraging persons to focus on backyard gardening, so it’s an opportune time to piggyback on this campaign. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, it is relatively simple to produce seedlings for basic crops such as lettuce, cabbage, string beans and tomatoes for supply to your friends and colleagues. The advantage to growing seedlings is that you can harvest a large crop in a relatively small space.

Growing Organic Vegetables

While some people will gravitate towards growing what they eat, even more will be happy to buy fresh produce directly from you. You can create a steady income by cultivating vegetables and seasoning produce in a small area of your garden. If you produce crops without using pesticides and chemical fertilisers, then you can tap in on the increasing demand for organic food items.

Preparing Container Gardens

There are many people who would like to grow their own food items but lack the necessary backyard space to do so. Here’s a perfect solution – you can prepare and sell ready-made vegetable gardens in …

The Remarkable Flowers Of Camellia Japonica And Camellia Sasanqua

Japanese Camellia, Camellia japonica. American gardeners in the South know and really like the Camellia japonica, a landscape shrub, bush, or tree that can increase twenty feet tall. The Camellia japonica grew to become an crucial garden landscape plant in the Environment War II war yrs in the 1940’s when Dr. Tom Brightwell gathered a significant Camellia cultivar planting at the University of Georgia Experimental Station at Tifton, Georgia, that is even now actively taken care of as a Camellia arboretum for gardeners to tour publicly and to examine versions, shade of flower blooms, flower sizing, and flower density reports. Numerous hundred Camellia shrubs, bushes, and trees are planted and escalating at the Tifton, Georgia place. Camellia japonica was the favourite flowering plant of Dr. Tom Brightwell, while he planted Camellia Sasanqua trees and bushes also in the garden. Dr. Brightwell not only planted Camellia seed, but he picked the remarkable cultivars and grafted or budded these Camellia versions named by him on to Camellia seedling rootstock.

Numerous other well acknowledged Camellia gardens are found in the United States The Burden Heart at Baton Rouge, Louisiana Bellingrath Gardens at Theodore, Alabama The Metropolis Park at New Orleans, Louisiana Clemson, South Carolina Botanical Gardens Atlanta, Georgia, Botanical Garden Harry P. Leu Gardens, Orlando, Florida The United States Nationwide Arboretum, Washington D.C. Thomas H. Perkins III Camellia Garden, Brookhaven, Mississippi Huntington Camellia Garden, California Massee Lane Camellia Garden, Fort Valley, Georgia and the Vale Camellia Garden, Waltham, Massachusetts.

The Massee Lane Camellia garden was donated as the headquarters for the American Camellia Society arranged in 1945. The Camellia japonica shrubs, bushes, and trees are planted below the shade of pine trees and flowering Southern Magnolia trees as shading that is necessary for the best Camellia plant progress. The nine acre Camellia tree …