Backyard Landscape Designs – Home Vegetable Gardening Designs

Nothing is more challenging for a gardener than to come up with a good garden design.

Designing a home vegetable garden should starts with the right knowledge regarding the type of garden you would want to have and the way you plan tin utilizing it. Sounds like a pretty great deal of work to get started but then there are easy principles to consider in your home vegetable gardening designs.

Let us start with choosing the site for your home vegetable garden. The site that you have to choose is the one that receives long hours of sunlight each day. Vegetables best grow with more absorbed sunlight. This is such a very important thing to be taken into consideration. Neglecting this aspect will surely result to a negative impact on your home vegetable garden.

After knowing the sun’s movement in your garden, the next big thing to do is lay outing. Layout of the garden will give you the dimension and space to work on even when your crops are already planted. This makes the garden works easy to perform. This is in connection with the paths to be built across your garden. Pathways are essential to have accessibility in all areas of your garden with ease. Having well built and well positioned pathways will give access not only with the foot traffic but with the wheel barrows and other gardening equipments to get in and out of the garden without disturbing the crops. Having pathways also guarantee you that the loosened soil you have worked with will not get compacted as continues traffic would go through it. Compact soil is not good for your crops because it logs the water and lessen the air spaces from which the roots of the crops to breathe.

On the other hand, if weed are crowding in your pathways, you can always cover the ground with mulches or saw dusts in order to reduce the growth of the weeds and to conserve water as well.

This should be followed by a decision making whether you’ll put the crops in beds or rows. Beds are ideal for a reason that they are great features in the garden and aside from that beds are the most practical among home vegetable garden designs. The beds that should be created must have a width of 1 meter so that you will be able to reach the middle with absolute ease whether you are at either side of it. Straight rows on the other hand require lying down of planks to be used as you navigate your way in between your vegetable rows.

The next thing would be to prepare your soil by removing all the weeds and grasses that may hinder healthy growth of crops. Loosening the soil is also important to assure air spaces. Planting of seedlings would be best during early morning or in the late afternoon. This are the times that are less stressful for the plants.

And finally is the maintenance. Regular watering, adding of mulches and monitoring of pests, diseases and weeds are the important things to be checked.

Having a great design for your home vegetable garden will give you the best result of gardening there is. So bring out your pencil and paper and start making your design for a bountiful home garden of vegetables.

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