Air Conditioning – Major terms three

Blades, sometimes adjustable, placed in ducts or duct entries to manage the quantity of air flow. The time period could also refer to blades in a rectangular body placed in doors or partitions to allow the motion of air.
Makeup air unit (MAU)
An air handler that disorders one hundred{cc4c0f41df947dcf89440097a971836e5349577156fc397a0a7b175f1b8e4086} outside the house air. MAUs are usually made use of in industrial or commercial configurations, or in “when-by” (blower sections that only blow air one-way into the making), “reduced flow” (air handling programs that blow air at a reduced flow level), or “most important-secondary” (air handling programs that have an air handler or rooftop unit connected to an add-on make-up unit or hood) commercial HVAC programs.
Packaged terminal air conditioner (PTAC)
An air conditioner and heater air conditioning mixed into a single, electrically-run unit, usually installed by a wall and normally located in lodges.
Packaged unit or rooftop unit (RTU)
An air-handling unit, outlined as possibly “recirculating” or “when-by” layout, made specifically for out of doors set up. They most normally include things like, internally, their possess heating and cooling products. RTUs are very popular in some locations, significantly in single-story commercial structures.
Plenum place

See also: Plenum chamber

An enclosed place inside a making or other structure, made use of for airflow. Frequently refers to the place involving a dropped ceiling and the structural ceiling. Distinctive from ductwork as a plenum is part of the structure by itself.
Thermal zone
A single or group of neighboring indoor spaces that the HVAC designer expects will have equivalent thermal loads. Making codes could demand zoning to preserve strength in commercial structures. Zones are outlined air conditioning in the making to cut down the variety of HVAC subsystems, and thus initial value. For illustration, for perimeter places of work, instead than one zone for each place of work, all places of work experiencing west can be mixed into one zone. Tiny residences usually have only one conditioned thermal zone, moreover unconditioned spaces these kinds of as unconditioned garages, attics, and crawlspaces, and unconditioned basements.
Variable air quantity (VAV) technique
An HVAC technique that has a stable source-air temperature, and may differ the air flow level to meet the temperature requirements. When compared to CAV programs, these programs squander significantly less strength by unnecessarily-substantial air conditioning supporter speeds. Most new commercial structures have VAV programs. VAVs could be bypass style or stress dependent. The stress dependent style VAVs preserve strength while both equally the forms support in preserving temperature of the zone that it feeds.