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Bedtime Pillow Reviews: All About Choosing the Best Memory Foam Pillow

The type of pillow that gained the most positive feedback is the memory foam pillow. Bedtime cannot be completed without owning a set, and survey praise memory foam pillow for its benefits. Memory foam pillows are not as cheap like microfiber or feather pillows, but are not as pricey as latex or down feather pillows. Basing on price range, there’s still no more satisfactory than memory foam pillows. Choosing the best bedtime pillow can easily become expensive and time-wasting, sort of trial and error type affair, however with memory foam pillows the process is more productive and a lot less stressful if you have an in-depth understanding of it. If you are almost ready to buy a memory foam pillow but not quite, better check our buying guide to help you out.

What is a memory foam pillow? Memory foam pillow is a type of pillow with a material that reacts to temperature and pressure, molding and conforming to shape accordingly. With memory foam pillows, a mold is created the shape of the head, neck, ears, shoulders, and any body part that come into contact with. The most common and traditional type of memory foam pillow is polyurethane, which is also called as viscoelastic foam. Gel type memory foam pillows have thousands of small gel beads in addition to polyurethane, which are more expensive and newer on the scene, but have more benefits such as less heat retention, allowing a cooler sleep surface.

The different type of memory foam pillows are contour, shredded, wedge and traditional. Made of slab viscoelastic foam, contour memory foam has a subtle groove and two ridges that run horizontally from one side to another. The grooves cradle the head, and the ridges provides maximum head stability and neck support. Contour memory foam pillows are best for those who have neck and who are back sleepers, given its contoured shape combined with good support nature of viscoelastic foam. Shredded memory foam pillows are usually oblong in shape similar to traditional types, and are available in standard, queen and king sizes. Shredded memory foam pillows have relatively average loft, which are not too high and not too low, making these a good all-rounder for different sleeping positions. It is a compact of tiny shreds of foam pieces, allowing it to be more breathable so it does not trap the heat and makes sleep cooler. The shape of a wedge memory foam pillow is like a giant triangle, with a slanted gradual slope that are used to prop the body up for different purposes. It has a very comfortable with a warm surface to lay back on, owing to its heat retaining and conforming nature material, and it’s recommended for those with medical reasons such as acid reflux, sinus issues and respiratory problem.