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Diversified Investment Means Reduced Risk

Different investments translates to diversity in the risk that an investor takes. This is especially important for the new investor, the small investor, as well the regular investor. Diversifying investments decreases your risks; sometimes, without affecting your estimated average return.

The first component of diversification is with the category of assets. This often involves stocks, cash, bonds, and even property. Those who are interested to invest their money for an extended period are should probably allocate a higher percentage in real estate and stocks. The safer you want your investment to be, the greater a proportion should be put into cash and bonds. How much money you invest in each of these assets is really influenced by your particular circumstance and preference.

Number two factor of diversification deals with the elements in each of these types of assets. Here, you actually get something for none. When you spread your investment among the different assets inside one category, the return you can look forward to on average will not be reduced; only the risk involved.

Your stock investment is not supposed to be in exclusively one company.You have to purchase shares in a number of companies belonging to different industries. If you purchase shares in a number of different banks, you actually diversify only the risk from each bank, and not from the entire banking industry at all. When you buy shares, it should be in different companies and different industries — banking, transportation, industrial, and others.
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Diversifying your investment in bonds means that you should be buying bonds that will mature at different dates and at varying nominal rates of interest. You could also distribute the bonds you buy among the different institutions. But be very careful when buying corporate bonds.It can be difficult to assess them and some are extremely risky.
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Without a larger amount, a real estate investment could be difficult.In case you have only a little amount to invest in real estate and a larger percentage will come from a mortgage loan, you actually still take the total risk involved from such a portfolio. You can instead buy shares in companies that are involved in the real estate market such as the property developers.

Diversifying your investments maybe too complicated and over-diversifying will not help either. Investing in too many assets could be impossible for you to keep track of all of these and the risk are going to be lowered insignificantly anyway. If you invest in about 10 stocks, a number of bonds having different maturity, a little cash, and perhaps a few real estate, then you will be able to diversify the risk you take.

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